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"Art should be life. It's an imitation of life. It should have some humanity in it."

John Lydon

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In 1989, after a year out from higher education, I decided to return to college and channel my creative energies into something more focused. Sixth form College had almost put me off!

I had never really found a real direction, and being totally disillusioned with fine art, my picky perfectionist side seemed too tight for a typical art student environment.

A year later, and with a clearer mindset, I was very fortunate to gain a place on a Scientific and Technical illustration Diploma course at Southampton institute, and straight away found a pocket in which to sit nicely and get on with my work.
It concentrated my attention to fine detail, providing extremely accurate illustrations mainly intended for botanical publications and educational literature.

PrimulaAfter attaining a high grade on the Diploma, I was approached by the course Tutors and offered a place on a new Degree course that was starting that year. It still allowed me to specialise in detailed illustration, but widen and experiment with other fields, including Photography, business studies, languages, Printing and social media.

We were particularly lucky to study with Dr Fred Vermoral for three years, who, amongst other things wrote many books about mass media, Punk and Pop Culture and was very closely associated with McLaren and the Sex Pistols, which was a wonderful enlightenment into the scene which I have always loved since the age of 13.

My final degree show comprised of a series of illustrations depicting small creative businesses based in Alresford, and along with my Singleton collection, took some very valuable work and lessons with me for the future.

I now mainly enjoy illustrating Architecture, and Portraiture, adding in the Bespoke style Caricatures for a bit of personalised fun!

I do enjoy working in detail, and was often described at Uni as being stylised, which I put directly down to my desire for order, and a creative tempering of what may otherwise be a chaotic and unruly mind! The sincerity I put into my work is the balance I crave, it works well, and I understand the process perfectly now as part of a bigger picture!

I have very recently been drawing pets, which is always a real pleasure, and I am hoping to expand the portraits and architecture, along with the Caricatures. I will be launching a few packages associated with Weddings, events and Stationary, so please tune in occasionally for more details about those things!

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I first visited the Weald & Downland open air museum at Singleton in October 1993, to work on a long term project during the second year of my Degree.

View from Joiners shopI instantly connected with the fascinating architecture and how it sat perfectly in its surroundings.  Each building was a work of art, steeped in wonderful historic techniques and styles. The time of year added to the initial splendour – a dark, some might say gloomy month, the daylight failing very quickly after 3pm. This, however, added to the atmosphere.

The fires were lit, the shafts of light struggling through the tiny windows, cast interesting shadows, revealing only some selected elements of the rooms inside. I needed to spend quite some time inside the houses, soaking up the atmosphere. The smell of the fires got into my clothes and remained there for many hours after leaving!

I was so cold that upon returning to College I complained of what appeared to be the somewhat rushed crudity apparent in many of my sketches. “This is exactly what is so special and honest about the work”, I was cheerfully informed by my tutor. “You can feel the cold in these pictures just by looking at them”.

Such a long time ago now, since I painted those pictures, surrounded by the cold and the ruddy Autumn colours which perfectly framed those charming houses in their raw rural settings.

I have returned many times to the Museum, but it was not until 2013 that I decided to execute a new raft of drawings, primarily using ink to begin with. This was not only to compliment the previous work I had carried out, but also to mark how the 20 year timeline had changed my perceptions of the Museum, and my changes in style during that time.

This work will ultimately be a lifelong, and progressive project. I recently showed some illustrations to several of the Team at the Museum, and have been given the contact details of the Curator, and also some other avenues to explore with regards to exhibiting my work and setting up a trade table for various planned events at the Museum throughout the year.

As the work on the Museum continues, please watch this space for progress!

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Pub, Easter chick in windowI began sign writing in 1992, whilst working part time at ASDA hypermarket in Chandlers ford, and after leaving University in 1994, was employed full time by the company.

The store signage was crying out for some imagination and impact. I introduced a style which had the extra artistic flair over the usual black and white chalkboard display, with pictured themes, colour codes and strong styles to highlight each department.

Within the first year, I was hosting presentations at various ASDA hypermarkets across the country to implement the style of display and point of sale into their larger stores, as well as training other people in-store to maintain their visual promotions after I had initially set up their signage.

Chandlers Ford was hailed as the flagship store for promotion and point of sale, and quirky big impact displays for many years afterwards. 

The work was featured many times in the company magazine, an achievement which I will always be very proud of, as well as the fact that it was a fantastic job to have!

I have been working more recently around the local pubs in my area, and hope to expand the signwriting aspect of my business considerably, through to shops, cafe’s, and events as it really is something I love to do, and has such a big visual impact in the client’s chosen areas.

I shall be featuring different styles of signs, and new work will be popping up regularly on my page, so here’s hoping there will be more opportunities to transform some lively and exciting places, and help to successfully promote their events!

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- Pubs
- Events
- Home Parties
- Weddings
- Shop point of sale & Advertising



- People/kids/pets/houses
- Business cards
- Stationary



- Lifelike cartoon style
- Birthdays
- Anniversaries
- Xmas pressies



- Event themes
- Shops and businesses
- Bands
- Books



- Public places
- Shops
- Kids bedrooms
- Funky grown up spaces
- Themed rooms
- Parties



- Botanical
- Architecture
- Animals and pets

About Me

A self styled Sign Writer for many years, I have also worked a kaleidoscope of interesting jobs before finally deciding to set up my own business in 2013.

I was born in 1970, an only child with a wild imagination, and from a very early age have been creatively inspired by anything loud, quirky, daring or colourful!

My main inspirations in life are Punk and New wave music, also movements such as Drag, Burlesque, Theatre and Alternative Comedy. I am also very interested in drawing and sketching various types of Architecture, as I have always had a good natural eye for perspective and dimensions.

I achieved a tapestry of qualifications in Technical design, Art History and Textiles, leading eventually to a B.A HONS degree in Graphic Design and Scientific illustration at the Southampton Institute in 1994.



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