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In 1989, after a year out from higher education, I decided to return to college and channel my creative energies into something more focused. Sixth form College had almost put me off!

I had never really found a real direction, and being totally disillusioned with fine art, my picky perfectionist side seemed too tight for a typical art student environment.

A year later, and with a clearer mindset, I was very fortunate to gain a place on a Scientific and Technical illustration Diploma course at Southampton institute, and straight away found a pocket in which to sit nicely and get on with my work.
It concentrated my attention to fine detail, providing extremely accurate illustrations mainly intended for botanical publications and educational literature.

PrimulaAfter attaining a high grade on the Diploma, I was approached by the course Tutors and offered a place on a new Degree course that was starting that year. It still allowed me to specialise in detailed illustration, but widen and experiment with other fields, including Photography, business studies, languages, Printing and social media.

We were particularly lucky to study with Dr Fred Vermoral for three years, who, amongst other things wrote many books about mass media, Punk and Pop Culture and was very closely associated with McLaren and the Sex Pistols, which was a wonderful enlightenment into the scene which I have always loved since the age of 13.

My final degree show comprised of a series of illustrations depicting small creative businesses based in Alresford, and along with my Singleton collection, took some very valuable work and lessons with me for the future.

I now mainly enjoy illustrating Architecture, and Portraiture, adding in the Bespoke style Caricatures for a bit of personalised fun!

I do enjoy working in detail, and was often described at Uni as being stylised, which I put directly down to my desire for order, and a creative tempering of what may otherwise be a chaotic and unruly mind! The sincerity I put into my work is the balance I crave, it works well, and I understand the process perfectly now as part of a bigger picture!

I have very recently been drawing pets, which is always a real pleasure, and I am hoping to expand the portraits and architecture, along with the Caricatures. I will be launching a few packages associated with Weddings, events and Stationary, so please tune in occasionally for more details about those things!

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Posted: May 3, 2014


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