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Pub, Easter chick in windowI began sign writing in 1992, whilst working part time at ASDA hypermarket in Chandlers ford, and after leaving University in 1994, was employed full time by the company.

The store signage was crying out for some imagination and impact. I introduced a style which had the extra artistic flair over the usual black and white chalkboard display, with pictured themes, colour codes and strong styles to highlight each department.

Within the first year, I was hosting presentations at various ASDA hypermarkets across the country to implement the style of display and point of sale into their larger stores, as well as training other people in-store to maintain their visual promotions after I had initially set up their signage.

Chandlers Ford was hailed as the flagship store for promotion and point of sale, and quirky big impact displays for many years afterwards. 

The work was featured many times in the company magazine, an achievement which I will always be very proud of, as well as the fact that it was a fantastic job to have!

I have been working more recently around the local pubs in my area, and hope to expand the signwriting aspect of my business considerably, through to shops, cafe’s, and events as it really is something I love to do, and has such a big visual impact in the client’s chosen areas.

I shall be featuring different styles of signs, and new work will be popping up regularly on my page, so here’s hoping there will be more opportunities to transform some lively and exciting places, and help to successfully promote their events!

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Posted: May 2, 2014


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